Packing and Unpacking Services

packing suppliesIn addition to our moving services, Houston Katy Moving Services offers help with packing and unpacking your items and safely preparing them for transport. You can avoid the hassle of searching or buying large amounts of moving supplies and packing everything you own into boxes.

packing supplies

We would include all packing materials such as boxes. bubble wrap, tape, and labels. You won’t have to worry about your fragile items being damaged during packing since we will be sure to take great care of your household or business items as if they were our own.

Whether your a homeowner moving into a new home, or a business that is changing locations or offices, Houston Katy Moving Services will be able to help pack your items and even unpack them at your direction. Make this your simplest move ever by letting us do 100% of the packing, moving, and unpacking work!